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Word and Rebus puzzles to solve with your favorite cuppa!
Regular Piczles, Tuff Stuff ones and Pyramids!
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What’s a piczle?

A word or picture puzzle that denotes an idiom or phrase

Grab a chai and solve the puzzle hidden in plain sight!

Method to this madness!

Synonyms, anagrams and homophones rule the roost!

If you’re stumped – see the clues!  They are mostly staring you in the face!

Shoot the breeze!

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Dear Readers and Puzzlers,

Delve into these piczles
To begin your day
With a light heart
A fresh mind
Or to give yourselves
A trick or treat
A pat on the back
A bouquet or crown
After a hard day’s work

Puzzles and rebuses
Easy and difficult
Twisted or straight
Be mindful of your
"I"s and "T"s
Synonyms and Antonyms
Homophones and Heterophones
Nouns and pronouns
Idioms and phrases.
For to test and tease
Is the fun
In these piczles of ours.